September 19th, 2005

sharie sleepy

I have been tempted to Answer the Phone Like a Pirate, but decided against it.

Lacey chose a just-barely-convenient time to get into the season one DVDs of Lost. With just two days left before the season two premiere, she still has twelve episodes to watch in order to be caught up. So we know how the living room TV is going to be occupied for the next few days.

The Laurel Mill Theatre's second week of its one act play festival was this past weekend, featuring wowbagger and me (and several others) in a play called "Out of His Mind", directed by felinegroovy. Lots of people came out to see us, and they seemed to enjoy it. It went smoothly for all three performances, and I had a good time doing it. I must admit, this was the first time I have ever had strangers stop me to tell me that they thought I did something well, and it was a nice feeling. Especially as most of my role consisted of screaming, so it was more fun than taxing.

Don't expect me to run off to seek a career on Broadway, though.

When I was not acting or preparing to act, the rest of the weekend was fairly low-key. I dragged the boy out for a walk, ate dinner with the parents one evening, lounged on the couch and watched TV, washed some clothes, finally did a little bit of grocery shopping, thank god . . .

And I sought and never did find the cricket in my bedroom. So it's just a matter, I suppose, of waiting for the thing to die or move out. Stupid noisy creature.

because lupschada said . . .

khakipants aime:
- soap that smells like almonds
- eating lunch alone outside
- the melted cheese stuck to the bottom of the pizza box
- hand massages

khakipants n'aime pas:
- the feeling of a rough dry hand touching a dry paper towel
- motion-sensored animatronic things, especially if they sing
- one blocked nostril
- tv shows in which the curly-haired glasses-wearing girl is noticed only when she straightens her hair and puts in contacts