August 31st, 2005

giant fork!

busytime vs nothingtime

I had a mighty good time at open mic last night. Many performers new to me, a lengthy game of cards (that I guess I win by default, because I don't remember actually finishing the thing), and experimenting with the new camera. (The outcome of this last may be viewed here.) It was nice to be there from the start again- it's been several weeks since I've been able to go over to Perk straight from work and stay the course. And it's back to Tuesday rehearsal next week.

I was made to smile by the late arrival of this "liar" who had said that he wouldn't be able to be there at all.

Today I am bored. There are plenty of things that I'd like to do- but as they mostly involve being somewhere that isn't this office, there's not much help there. And this weekend certainly isn't going to be productivetime. It'll be busy, but far more party-y than accomplish-y.

It's often quite frustrating to be in a job with so much forced nothingtime when there is so much that I could be doing if I didn't need to pay for things like rent and food.