August 29th, 2005

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Hippo Birdy

I have had a fan-freakin'-tastic three days (and a bit). I was busy from Thursday evening straight to Sunday night, and had a great time all the way through. I've got some wonderful people. (Especially, pardon the goo, this one. He makes me so happy.)

I will have to present the weekend in more detail at a later time. At the moment, however, there's work to do.
alien me

goodlong weekend. with visual aid!

People are great. Really, I'm just ridiculously pleased with life at the moment.

I promised a rundown of the weekend, so we're going to do this. I'll probably have to do this lj-cut chapter style.

Chapter 1:
Collapse )

Chapter 2:
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Chapter 3:
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Chapter 4:
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Chapter 5:
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You'll notice that much of the past several days has been devoted to food. But also a great number of fantastic people, and lots and lots of fun. Life is good.