August 23rd, 2005

i feel nothing

i declare today my personal wednesday

Dear Joanna,
Please please please don't forget to renew your driver's license. You've had the notice for ages, and the fact that the deadline is your birthday makes it easy to remember, so it would just be pathetic if you failed to get it done in time. It's gonna have to be this weekend, of course, because you're still at work when the MVA closes on weekdays, so be sure to wake up early on Saturday so that you can be there when they open. Do it!
Remindingly, pleadingly,

coolest. honest.

I was of the opinion that the "satellite" function on google maps was the coolest thing ever. I was mistaken. The coolest thing ever is now the "hybrid" button on that site. It allows you to see the satellite images, but with the streets and their labels overlaid. Awesome.

Of course, my definition of "coolest ever" may differ somewhat from yours. If this is so, please don't fret. Just be content knowing that you are wrong.