June 23rd, 2005


the greatest of ease

I'm not sure about this whole "whipped yogurt" thing. The lemon merigue is better than the chocolate, oddly, but I think I still prefer the normal creamy sort. I'll finish up the ones I have in my fridge, but when I go back to the store, I shall be purchasing a more traditional texture of yogurt.

Because I am a sheep (Baaaa) and because I have had so very little to do at work the past couple of days, I have started a Flickr account. It's here. Currently, all of my pictures are the ones I had stored on my phone, but it's still a fun thing to play with.

Celebrated Sharif's real birthday yesterday evening by heading into Baltimore and eating at the California Pizza Kitchen, one happy side effect of which is that I get to eat pizza for lunch today. Over by Rash Field, I've noticed the last few times we've been up that way, there is a trapeze/platform/net contraption. I've just checked out the website for this surprising appearance, and now I want to sign up! How much cool would that be? I've been spending too much money lately, so I won't be doing it, alas. Oh, to be independently wealthy.

Ro! Are we doing girly things after work today? Do we have a plan?