March 16th, 2005


I wear necklaces now because I like to know when I am upside-down.

Home surprisingly early last night, considering it was Tuesday. wowbagger, mightcould, tillotion, and I went to College Park for to experience the comedy stylings of Mitch Hedberg. This was fun and funny. Afterwards arrived at Perk just in time for butnotdavid's set, thanks entirely to good luck rather than good timing, but left shortly after. It was crowded and loud and I mostly wanted to go to bed.

Tonight we celebrate Erica's new employment. I'm sending good resign-y vibes to her today. Tomorrow the parents leave for Texas. It seems that they have a habit of traveling on St. Patrick's Day. Last year it marked the beginning of their trip to visit me in New Zealand. This year I will stay home and feed the fish.

A hamster is a gerbil hippie. I'm not entirely certain why.