February 28th, 2005

storm clouds

everybody's talkin' . . . about the weather. for a change.

Well, I don't know that this snow storm is living up to the hype. Schools were closed, businesses enacted their liberal leave policies, people stocked up on those things that for some reason become indispensible when a blizzard threatens, all before a single flake fell. They were calling for heavy snow accumulating up to a foot in some places, starting early and carrying on all day. It started flurrying at about 10:30 this morning. Only now has the snow started to stick to anything. Somehow, I think we'll get through this one OK. But I know the motto of the average viewer of an ominous weather report:

When in danger
Or in doubt-
Run in circles,
Scream and shout.

But this particular storm is more "icky" than anything else. Summer can start any time. I won't complain. Or if someone wanted to pay for me to go somewhere that it's warm, that would be fine as well. I liked Australia, for example.
the zone

still talkin'

I take it all back. The snowstorm started out slow, but it came through like a champ. A true ninth-inning rally. I got back from lunch at 1:30, and it was hardly sticking to anything. By 3:00 it was bad enough that they sent us all home.

So home I am. All right.

Basically, this is my view of cold weather:
1. If it's cold, it had better be snowing.
2. If it's snowing, it had better be enough for me to stay home from work.

So I'll allow this now, but then I'll be more than ready for some warm. Bring it on!