January 28th, 2005



I have just been informed that there is a Chipotle near my office. In my online search to learn exactly where in Columbia the place is (Old Dobbin Lane), I discovered that the website includes a page for an "avocados ripening" cam and a "chicken marinating" cam. This amused me quite a lot.

Not sure what's happening this weekend. I hope to leave the house for a time, as last weekend was dedicated mostly to huddling indoors and staying warm. The son of a friend of my father will be playing at Perk Saturday night, so I may have to head over that way and represent the family. And, you know, try to start a pick-up Yahtzee game. As one does.

The Bic "VelocityGel" pen lives up to the hype. The hype, I should probably clarify, is pretty much limited to the praise of Alison, our legal department, but as it is high praise indeed, it is still the type of hype that an ambitious pen would aim to meet. Congratulations on surviving that sentence.