September 1st, 2004


Sufficient springs!

Here's a cool thing about New Zealand (among the thousands of other cool things)- the first of September is the first day of Spring. It's Spring! Happy Spring!

And it actually seems like the start of Spring. I'm wearing two layers instead of the five I had been wearing for the past few weeks, there are bulbs sprouting in the gardens, and the sky is blue. Contentedsigh.

And let me say something about hostels here. I mentioned how comfortable I was in the place I stayed in Queenstown. Well, let me add a few sweet details to the idealhostel equation. From the place I stayed in Dunedin, I will add the friendlycat and the FREE INTERNET ACCESS. And from the place here in Oamaru (which is, I must say, quite possibly the sweetest little hostel in the country) I will add the free tea and coffee and milk, the huge windows in bedroom and lounge, the fully-made-up beds, and (and this is key) FREE LAUNDRY FACILITIES. Heaven.

My time in New Zealand is running low. One week South Island, three weeks Australia, nine days North Island, home.

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