January 21st, 2004


Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow . . .

It is cold and rainy. How am I supposed to gloat about being in the middle of summer if the weather is going to be like this?! I got wet walking to the house after work yesterday and I got wet walking to the train and from the train to work this morning . . . and it's cold! Oh, and windy! It was difficult to sleep last night, thanks to the wind. Bah. The sun can break through any time now, and it'll be AOK with me.

It'll be Albin O'Kuhn with me?

Sure. Why not.

One of the women in the office brought me a picture of Orlando Bloom with some Maori women at the Return of the King premiere. I don't know why she did this, but I'm not complaining. It's a good picture.

Speaking of Return of the King, I didn't go to see it last night, although I planned to. I got almost to the theatre (a half-hour walk through the yuck) and checked out the closest bus stop for a schedule of departures . . . and learned that the last bus on the route I needed would be leaving minutes BEFORE the movie ended- assuming that the movie started on time and that there weren't too many previews or commercials ahead of it. I wasn't keen on getting up and leaving before the end, so I had to opt out. Disappointing.

Urg, it's been over an hour and my wrists and ankles are still damp. Miserable rain!
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Archival digging

Once upon a time, in mid-September 2002, my sister wrote the following story, which she left as a comment on this journal:

Once there was a boy with badger shoes. They hurt his feet - not because they were the wrong size, or because they lacked arch support. No, they hurt his feet because they were badgers, and badgers have extremely sharp teeth.

So, one day, the boy removed his badger shoes to realize that he no longer had feet. "Criminy dutch!" he cried angrily. "Yon badgers have eaten my feet! Now how will I climb the Magic Hill to replace them with the ever-more-comfortable, not-to-mention-economical prairie dog shoes?"

And the Rodent Shoe fairy appeared and said, "You're an idiot."

And the boy said, "Oh yeah."


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