December 29th, 2003

ponder stibbons

there's a dragon in the kitchen- that's why the ceiling's black . . .

My New Year's plans are big. They are huge! They are . . . me and a couple of videos and a couch. I have been invited to go along with my hosts to the party that they will be attending, but I've decided that I'd rather stay at the house. I won't know anyone else there- it's going to be six sets of married couple with children- and I think that a quiet night alone sounds more appealing. I'll get a couple of cheesy romantic comedies and heat up a frozen pizza and have myself a grand old time.

Christmas turned out very nicely. I actually got presents! A giant Cadbury's chocolate bar from the kids and a nice photo album from the adults. The gifts I gave were received well- each of the kids got a Santa hat as well as a tiny battery-powered car for Ben (the 7-year-old), a self-propelled hotwheels-type car for Johannes (the 4-year-old), and a bubble-blowing kit for Anna (the 3-year-old). I gave Veronika and Chris some wineglass charms and a fancy corkscrew. Chris's mother and his sister and her fiance came for present-opening and dinner, and everyone had a good time and a whole lot of food. And plenty of wine. It wasn't a Christmas at home, but it was a real Christmas, and I'm glad of that. It was really good of them to share it with me, and I appreciate it immensely.

I talked on the phone to my family both Christmas Day and Boxing Day- but the connection each time was fairly awful. We're talking major delay. Apparently that usually happens during holidays, because everyone is using the international circuits. Bah.

Today I have caught the bus into Wellington. I have no real agenda for being here, I just wanted to get away from the house for a bit. And I have.
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You know what would be a good possession for a world traveler? A GameBoy. It would be a good, small, portable way to entertain yourself and fill time waiting for buses or riding on trains or sitting around someone else's house in the evening after you've finished your book.

It would be perfect! A GameBoy!

Or, you know, a pack of cards.
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