July 16th, 2003


Lousy tea, Diner hijinks, Tucson Day One!

Egad, the teabags that they provide at this place are awful. I knew this already, of course, so usually I bring my own from home. But today I forgot, and the coffee is even worse and the soda costs money . . . so tea it is. Alas for me and my caffeine addiction.

Yesterday I went to dinner after work with (in alphabetical order) Aaron and Dave III and Rohini. I ate half of a patty melt, the other half of which is currently residing in the lunch room fridge, awaiting 1:00. I did not fall asleep, but I did get poked with a fork. Silliness ran rampant and I wrote the first two lines of a song: "Graveyards for sale or rent. Tombs to let, fifty cents . . ." Yeah. If you want visual aid for this diner adventure, there are some pictures over here. Cool.

And now, though I do not yet have my photos developed, I present you with:

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So that was an extremely long entry, but it was a freaking long day. I'm guessing that future entries will be far more readable.

Now I really ought to do some work.
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