May 4th, 2003

ponder stibbons

I'd tip my hat to you, but I haven't got a hat.

I think everybody's already seen X-2 except me. And so I'm not reading my friends page very thoroughly, although it does look like you people are being nice about the cut tag. Thank you, considering that it doesn't seem that I'll be getting to the theatre until at least next weekend.

Yesterday I was sitting on my bedroom floor and looking at the tangle of wires and videos and games and scanner, vcr, nintendo, and playstation 2- all sitting on the floor under my desk and looking horrible. And I thought "Gee, if I had some shelves under there, I could make that whole area neat and tidy." And then I remembered my TV table from the apartment at school, which has been sitting in the basement serving as a storage place for . . . an old toaster and some coffee filters, among other things. And lo and behold! the thing fits perfectly underneath the desk, and I now have at least one part of this jam-packed room organized! Just wait until I put those drawers underneath my bed, then you will cower before my storage skills!

Is it a little sad that putting shelves under my desk has been the most exciting part of the weekend thus far? I think it is.

I realized on Tuesday that it was the one-year anniversary of the end of my time as a flight attendant.

I don't think that I need to tell you just how mind-numbingly boring my current job is. It is vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly dull. I know that there are people who like their jobs- enjoy going, talk about them in their spare time, stuff like that. Mine, I tolerate, because the people at the office are nice and I get money. But it won't last long. I think I'll move to the other side of the world. This autumn, maybe. Yeah. That would probably be far enough away.

Speaking of travel, I need to figure out the policy for requesting vacation time at work. And I need to talk (or otherwise communicate) with Laura. And I need to take a shower. Only two of these things are related, but all three are true.
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