April 4th, 2003

ponder stibbons

hilarity ensues.

Once upon a time, in a small kingdom known as the UMBC dining hall, the Wood food company got something right. This something was known as potato soup. It was right tasty. This achievement served as a muse to me on three occasions, with the results being three silly little poems that were at various times posted on the message board in the dining room.

I'd forgotten about my culinarily-inspired works until running across them just now on my friend Phil's webpage.

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In other news, Dave III made me laugh hysterically today. I had completely forgotten about the cinema masterpiece that was Capital R (1998). The story of a letter. And a rabid dog. "He's not lowercase, baby!" Let me just tell you, that little text message on my phone, added to the excitement of a phone call from Laura (even with the three disconnections), made for a great improvement to a day that had up till them been extremely dull.

I like my friends.
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