February 23rd, 2003


That two-bit thimble rigger!

Hey Allison! I got your letter today. It was wet. But exciting! I fully intend to respond, but anyone who knows me at all will tell you that I am a horrible correspondant, so I'm going to warn you of that right now. It may well take 12 years, but you will get a letter from me. Also, I'm using my new icon especially for you, because I thought you'd like it.

Hey everybody else! I had a dream last night that I was in a class that was held in a huuuuuuuge classroom, and I think that everyone I know that is about student-aged was in the class with me. As well as some random people from work. I don't know what I was learning about, but I do know that it took me forever to find my classroom. I'm slowly realizing that there's this huge maze-like college campus that exists in my dreamworld, and it's loosely based on UMBC, because of all the boxiness and brick, but it must also be based on . . . the wings of a theatre, and a labyrinth, and cellars and attics of office buildings in movies, and various other gigantic confusing places. Lots of stairs and random corridors and flourescent lighting or lack thereof and pipes and ladders and trap doors and doors halfway up walls and windows where none are necessary and no windows where they would be useful. I'm not sure if it's fun or frightening, because I take it pretty much in stride while I'm dreaming, although I do get frustrated when I can't find my destination (which is only natural).

I'm not sure why I included all of that. I didn't have a real story to tell about it. Just this dream university of mine that differs greatly from the "real" Sim-University that can be found left of Arbutus.
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