July 27th, 2002



Yesterday was good. We finally got some rain, which I found to be energizing and cheerful- an attitude that differed from that of many of my co-workers, most of whom found that the rain made them tired. Of course, the entire pot of coffee that I drank on my own may have had something to do with it.

I was planning on taking a change of clothes with me to work, as I was supposed to go to my friend Jenn's house as soon as possible after I got off. However, I left the bag at home, so I had to rush back to the house on my lunch break. I had approximately ten minutes at home, during which time I grabbed my backpack, stuffed some extra things in it because of weather, reheated and ate a bowl of the macaroni that Erica had made for her lunch, drank a can of cream soda, and listened to Erica outline an episode of ER to me. Then I had to get back in the car and return to work. It was a strange sort of interlude. The rest of the workday went uneventfully and I made it to Jenn's house with time to spare.

Jenn is my best friend left from high school. She's a wonderful wonderful person, and I see her approximately every six months. She's leaving Monday morning to go back to (Mumpth) Dakota and spend a second year as a volunteer third-grade teacher on an Indian reservation. (I suppose that it ought to be "Native American" reservation, oughtn't it? But that just sounds forced and self-conscious.) So I spent the evening with Jenn and Jessica and Cindy and some other people in this Bar and Grill in Bowie, and I had a good time. I did miss out on the Snoopy Snowcone Party, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. I'm sure that everyone there had a good time without me.

I was too lazy to take a shower when I got home last night, so now I feel like a person who spent all of yesterday evening in a small smoke-filled room, and I really need a shower.

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