April 27th, 2002


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Well, I guess it's appropriate- considering my track record on this job- that a last-minute schedule change should characterize my final flight. I was supposed to be on home reserve tomorrow, and fly Monday, and that would be the end. Not so, now. Now I fly tomorrow and am on reserve Monday, which means that I have to go into the airport Monday morning as well, in order to turn in badges and such security things. The schedule change came about because some of my coworkers decided not to show up for their last flight today, essentially screwing up the schedule for the rest of the week, what with last-minute replacements and all. How mature.

Oh well, I shall (as with all previous inconveniences that came with this job) just have to deal. It'll be over in two days, anyway, and then the even more inconvenient situation of unemployment will take over. Goody.

I'm not really in a bad mood.

I think that I will go buy the stockings I need from Target, then come home, take a bath, read in bed for awhile and go to sleep early. Sounds nice, no?
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