April 16th, 2002


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Something that makes me happy: Neil Gaiman is doing voice-over work for a documentary on Douglas Adams.

Something that makes me unhappy: I still can't friggin' talk!!!!!

That is all.

Various unrelated bulletins, typed in the order that I think of them

* It's really freakin' hot.

* I made sun tea today. It is cool and refreshing.

* I gave my phone number to one of our pilots the other day. He called yesterday while I was home, but I couldn't talk to him, because I couldn't talk at all.

* I put the new Laurie King book on hold at the public library. I think the last time I put a book on hold was for her last book.

* I still don't know my schedule for the final week of flights, but I really hope that I got the one that I requested- even more so now that I know that one of the days I would be working would be the last day for my Irish guys, and I would like to have the chance to see them again.

* I'm really really tan for me, but my co-workers insist that I still look only "dark white".

* It's incredibly hot.

* I need to go to the Senator to see Fellowship of the Ring again. Which means I need to go before it leaves on Thursday.

* It's too hot to cook.

* My Wallace in Technotrousers wind-up toy that Rohini gave me just flew off my TV at my head.

A Little Mermaid reference

According to Ursula, the Sea Witch, I should be getting all the guys right now.

C'mon, they're not all that impressed with conversation!
True gentlemen avoid it when they can.
But they dote and swoon and fawn
On a lady who's withdrawn!
It's she who holds her tongue who gets the man!