March 5th, 2002


Great Ceasar's Ghost!

Look! Sitting in front of that computer! It's a girl! It's a flight attendant! It's Joanna!

Yes, Joanna! Strange resident of Ellicott City who came to the area with powers and abilities pretty much on par with the average 22-year-old.

Joanna! Who can change the course of a car that she's driving, bend logic with her bare hands, and who- disguised as Indiana Joanna, exactly the same as Joanna in every way, except she wears a hat- fights a never-ending battle for procrastination, laziness, and lots and lots of exclamation points!!!!

Stay tuned for today's exciting episode of The Adventures of Joanna!

Today: Joanna Cleans the House!

Today, I cleaned the house. Well, I dusted and vaccuumed the living room, dining room and family room, and I cleaned two bathrooms. Next I need to clean up the kitchen. Woo!

The End

Tomorrow: Joanna Goes to the Airport for Ready Reserve!
And don't miss this Friday and Saturday, when we'll have a very special two-part episode: Joanna Works Two Days in a Row!
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