February 24th, 2002


The wacky morning DJ says democracy's a joke.

Yeah. I flew all Friday night. And well into Saturday morning. I then slept through most of the rest of Saturday. I hope it was a wonderful day for you all.

The best part about that work "day"?
Standing outside the plane in Mexico with my favorite Irish pilot talking about stars.

The worst part?
The neediest freakin' group of people it has ever been my pleasure to serve. I think the worst thing about that is that they wouldn't ring the buttons which are there for that very purpose, but they'd wait until they caught my eye while I was trying to help someone else, or they'd grab my arm as I was walking by. THEN they'd ask for whatever it was they wanted. It's OK when one or two people do this. But picture an entire plane, all wanting one more Diet Coke, when we've only got five cans of the stuff to begin with . . .

Oh well. My problems really are terribly trivial compared to those of many many people.

I wonder if Dave still wears that T-shirt with the guy that looks like the Terrible Trivium from The Phantom Tollbooth.

Laura and I are going to start our own airline. I think we decided that it would be called "Kooky Airways", or something like that. We are going to paint all of the planes ourselves, all different ways. And the flight attendants and pilots will be far less professional-looking and much more comfortable than those that you are accustomed to seeing. Of course, we will not let our relaxed persona get in the way of security, safety, or readiness for emergency situations. We will be very popular with young flyers.

Because that's likely.