February 14th, 2002


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I remember Valentine's Day of sophomore year. I helped both Denise and Jake prepare their Valentine's Day surprises for each other. It was fun, and amazingly involved.

As for me, my valentine is, for the umpteenth year in a row, my cat. Wait . . . I think that Sarah was my valentine one year. Not sure when.

Tomorrow afternoon I will report to the airport at 4:00. I am not due home until 6:00 the next morning. It is going to be a long long night. I have a feeling that I will be sleeping through much of Saturday.

I know many people named Dave. Offhand, I can think of Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, and Uncle David. And I'm sure I've missed a few.
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Yevgeny Plushenko

Yevgeny Plushenko has a fun name to say. Yevgeny Plushenko.

I plan to stay up very late tonight so that I will sleep through most of the day and be able to survive my all-night flying tomorrow. I'm not sure how well this plan will work, because I'm already pretty tired.

Yevgeny Plushenko.

Yevgeny Plushenko