Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Gravity doesn't hold us down; the Earth sucks.

The keyboard and mouse for my computer at work are not on the desk itself, but on an adjustable plastic slidey thing attached to the underside of the desk. This means that I can have them as high or as low as I want, and can swivel them to the right or the left, or I can tuck them away out of sight when I'm doing something else. All very convenient. But the thing is slanted somewhat downwards. This is fine for the keyboard, as the part on which it sits is felted, and the angle is even rather comfortable for typing. But it means that every time I let go of the mouse, which sits on a smooth plastic square to the side, it slips down. Sometimes, as the lip at the edge is not very high, the mouse falls right off. And that is annoying. I tried putting the mouse on the desk, but the cord just isn't long enough for it to be usable. I'm starting to spend my empty time dreaming up ways of creating a wedge-type mousepad, to even it out.

It's such an angle- you'd think the person who designed it would have taken into account some of the peculiar qualities of gravity.

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