Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

paper politics

Yesterday, a delivery guy came to the office to deliver 9 boxes of paper to Michelle. She came out to show him where to take the boxes, checked the labels, and pointed out that the delivery labels were printed with the name of a different person in a different office. He said that he wasn't worried about it, because all the paper was the same, and he'd just give the paper with her name on it to the others. Only it took longer than that, because he was complaining about lots of different things and being confused by I-don't-know-what. Michelle said OK and accepted the delivery.

Today, the same guy comes back with a cart full of paper and tells me that he's "upset" because he has to redo all his deliveries from yesterday because Michelle didn't tell him that she was supposed to get the paper in the purple boxes instead of the green boxes. Huh? So telling him that she was being given the wrong order doesn't count as telling him that she was being given the wrong order?


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