Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

i think i drank too much tea

Perk last night was extremely crowded. So much so, in fact, that we spent approximately 5 minutes there before turning around and trooping back up to Erica's room to play Yahtzee. It was kind of annoying- not the playing and the friends part, the supercrazy amount of people downstairs part- because I wanted to listen to the music and sit on a squishy couch and show off my silly and cool new shirt (to which I wanted to link, but there's no picture of it on the website). But fun was had nonetheless, and we had our own invitation-only, non-open, lack-of-mic. Hmm. That makes no sense. What I really mean is that we had the Tim and his guitar, and occasionally the rest of us would join in random snippets of song. When I left, there was a chess game going on, and I probably should have just stuck around to see who won, because traffic on 95 was ridiculous, especially for the time of night. Eventually I did get home, and essentially fell straight into bed, because I was suddenly right tired.

Today the weather forecast calls for snow, so that's pretty much what's on everyone's mind.

Dear cabari,
You rock. Like something that really rocks a lot.

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