Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

snacks and snips

There's a big chocolate chip cookie-ish muffiny thing in my desk drawer. It's been in there for some time- sealed in plastic, I grant you, but still too long for a baked good. It has definitely gone somewhat stale. But I just suddenly came over so hungry that I had to open up the thing or die . . . well, OK, open it up or be uncomfortable for another hour and a half. Luckily for me, the thing hasn't gone green, although I shall certainly be throwing it out today. Alas, I can tell that it would have been lovely if I'd eaten it when it was fresh.

I think this past weekend must have been an arranged time for all the men in this office to get their hair cut. There is a significantly lower appearance of shagginess this morning.

ETA: Apparently today is "consume things that have been in or on the desk for a significant period of time" day (I know, unwieldy title blah blah), as I've just caved and opened up the warm caffeine-free diet Coke described last week. It tastes pretty much as I expected it would, but it's better than the thirst headache that I was developing.

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