Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

office on a cloud

I work on the fifth floor, and the entire wall behind my desk is window. Normally I have a view . . . of the parking lot and Eggspectation. Today, I might as well be on the 125th floor. Or in the basement. It's so very foggy that I appear to be floating amongst the clouds.

Open mic last night was, as per usual, quite enjoyable. Good music, good company, good hot chocolate. No games this time, but that's not always necessary, I suppose. And it was quite crowded, to the point that I was fairly lucky to get a parking space. I wore my Secret of NIMH shirt, and lots of people were envious. I think that the fact that it features Justin and Jenner instead of just Mrs. Brisby with The Sparkly makes it all the more special. I mean, c'mon. Ratversaries!

Suddenly the phone is rather busy. I suppose I ought to stop with this and actually devote myself to my work. I'm so dedicated.

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