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If you really loved me, you'd buy me the Great Pyramid.

The New Year was welcomed with little pomp. afterknowledge, mightcould, and I decended upon the dwelling of wowbagger. We played Scrabble, Connect Four, and poker. We drank beers purchased because of their interesting packaging. We ate Swiss Cake Rolls, two varieties of Doritos, and E.L. Fudge cookies. We celebrated "Tim's watch 12:00", "Joanna's watch 12:00", "Rohini's phone 12:00", and "Joanna's phone 12:00". We toasted with bubbly. I called elf_owl from The Future. At some point, we traded a Rohini for a babelmusic, and then we watched silly television that Erica owns on DVD. I got to my bed around 4:30am.

It was just the way that I wanted to celebrate.

Yesterday I zombied my way through the day, with a brief Starbucks-fueled energy burst in the middle. Helped de-Christmas the house. Ate the required blackeyed peas, so I'm sure to be lucky this year. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean and Iron Chef America.

Today I'm shopping with Ro, and then dinner at home, made special by the Sister. Yeah, personicotti!
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