Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Good thing I'm not afraid of realtors.

It. Is. COLD. I do not enjoy being cold. I believe that if it is going to be this cold, it ought to be snowing, and I should be allowed to stay home. In my pajamas and bathrobe. With hot tea. And my new Sherlock Holmes books. And a fire in the fireplace . . .

Yeah, I'm dreaming. But it is cold, and the wind just cuts right through a person. And that is not my idea of a good time.

This weekend I ate a lot of Indian food at afterknowledge's crazycrowded birthday celebration, played some Yahtzee (surprise!), cleaned my room right good, baked Christmas cookies, and saw two movies.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Along with wowbagger and mightcould, I saw this one the day it opened in a mostly full theatre. And I thought it was great. The kids were fantastic, the visuals were perfect, and I thought it all flowed quite well, considering that they had to squish three books into one movie. Meryl Streep was wonderful as Aunt Josephine, Billy Connelly as Uncle Monty was appropriately lovable, JUDE LAW AS LEMONY SNICKET made me incredibly happy. The subtitles for Sunny were a bit jarring at first, but as Erica pointed out, it was far better than just having gibberish without translation, or having her siblings respond to her by repeating her meaning back to her. ("No, I haven't seen Count Olaf lately. Yes, I agree that he's crazier than a hooty owl.") Jim Carrey as Count Olaf . . . was better than I'd feared. As Olaf as himself, he was admittedly quite obnoxious, but then I remembered that Count Olaf is supposed to be a horribly irritating person to be around. So that was appropriate. And as Stephano and Captain Sham, I thought he did well.

Did I mention that the visuals were perfect? Yes, I know I did, but I'll say it again because it's just so true. Perfect. Ooh, and the beginning was great fun! And . . . I'll stop now.

Ocean's Twelve

This one I saw along with Rohini and Reuben and Sonia after Ro's birthday shindig. I really liked the first one, and have been looking forward to some more quality heist action. After seeing this, I have to say that I preferred the first. I enjoyed this movie, but I have to admit that I just wasn't interested in Catherine Zeta-Jones' character. I wanted to see the . . . gang? crew? . . . guys at work , so all the time that they spent developing this new detective person who's interested in catching thieves for reasons of her own . . . I was just thinking "more thieving!" And instead of getting me emotionally invested, her background with Brad Pitt's character just made me less interested in him as well. But I still think it's a good movie. The cool parts were very cool. The first one was simply cooler. Yeah.

And now I should be working.

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