Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

alas, not royalty

There was a big ribbon-cutting ceremony/press conference for the office today. They were setting up the lobby with flags and banners and podium and such all day yesterday, so I was surrounded by activity. When someone would come through and ask what all the fuss was about, I would tell them that everyone was preparing for my coronation as Queen of Coldwell Banker. I don't think anyone believed me. Turns out, however, that I was the only person not invited to the shindig. I had to sit in an empty office down the hall and answer the phone. It's not that I was particularly interested in hearing speeches, but it is a weird sort of a feeling to know that I am at the same time too important to stop working when everyone else can, and not important enough that anyone would care if I attended the event. Such is the life of a receptionist, I suppose. My goal at the moment is someday to have a job in which I am allowed to leave my desk without getting permission. A girl gets tired of needing to inform someone every time she has to visit the ladies' room.

Tonight I will head down to Perk for open mic. I look forward to some fine live music. Any maybe some Yahtzee! That game is dangerously addictive. The other day wowbagger, mightcould, and I came up an also-fun if much lower-scoring version called "Call-It Yahtzee". But, hmm, maybe I should larn'em the unofficial "Official Card Game of the New Zealand Backpacker". I've spent hours upon hours playing that game, but not at all since I've come home. I wonder if it's as much fun in a coffeehouse as it is in a hostel.

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