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i remain unconvinced that dogs can fly, no matter what he says and how often he says it

Today was an especially good day. I got up and out early, and took care of most of my Christmas shopping this morning before the mall was terribly crowded. I bought some things of which I am particularly proud, but I can't really elaborate beyond that, knowing the readership of this journal. In the afternoon I did some cleaning but mostly just bummed around the house. wowbagger and I went to Pizzaria Uno for dinner, which means that I have yummyyummy pizza-y leftovers for tomorrow or Monday. Four cheese with pepperoni . . . can I get a "Hell, yeah!"?

After dinner, we headed over to Perk, where we met up with afterknowledge (and for a time her brother and cousin) for to enjoy the musical stylings of Might Could (featuring, of course, mightcould). And enjoy them we did. I tell you what, those boys can play. It was a great show. When we weren't busy being enthralled by the magical gee-tars, we played some Yahtzee. I prevailed in both games we played, but my truly amazing achievement of three yahtzees in a single round earned me little more than exasperated looks, whereas Rohini's massive display of incompetence had the boys falling at her feet. As punishment, I take the icon that rightly should be hers. So there.

Ro would probably tell the story differently, in that she would probably actually tell the story, so I refer you to her if you're wondering what it all means. It's not that I'm trying to be cryptic, it's just that the story is really hers, and I hate to steal all of her thunder. Even if she did steal mine . . .


In other news, my new camera phone is slightly too much fun.

Tomorrow- Christmas tree decorations and split pea soup! And quite possibly Christmas movie-ing. Life is sweet.

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