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A rollercoaster of a day.

The morning was uneventful enough. Lazy, TV-watching, email-checking sort of morning. I was sitting on the couch when I got a telephone call with an offer for the job that would be exactly like the one I quit slightly more than a year ago. I got the information about pay and benefits and hours, said I'd let them know in the afternoon, hung up the phone, and started crying. I was seriously weeping- for some reason the thought of taking this job seemed like the worst possible outcome in the worst possible world. I called elf_owl and cried at her for awhile, to the point that she declared that she was coming to fetch me and take me out for lunch. While waiting for Laura to arrive, I called my mommy and cried at her. Then I calmed down, washed my face, walked in circles for awhile, and told myself to Get Over It and Deal. By the time Laura arrived, I was basically recovered from the (mostly) inexplicable meltdown. Lunch with Laura and textureslut got me through the rest of it. I called the woman with whom I had interviewed for the job that I actually wanted and found that there was essentially no hope for me on that front. So I called the other place back and told them I'd take it. I start Wednesday.

You're saying: "Why take a job that's going to make you miserable? You don't want to be crying every morning before work!"

Fair point. But, see, I'm not really going to be that miserable. All the hysterics- total overreaction. True, I will doubtless be bored silly, and I won't feel that the job is fulfilling. BUT I know I can do it, the pay will be good, the commute is seriously sweet, the benefits are great, and there's nothing stopping me from looking for something better and leaving in a few months. And I can start doing other things I want to do- like buying clothes and art supplies and volunteering at the library. I think that as long as I make an effort to find interesting things for the evenings and weekends, the days themselves should be bearable.

After dinner this evening, I went to Laura's Mommy's house and took Amelie with me. Laura's Mommy had not seen it before, so we introduced her to it, and it was- as always- delightful. I love that movie.

Tomorrow I have to stay home most of the day, as I'm on duty in case the firewood and/or my dad's new computer monitor are delivered. Laura and lunarcamel are going to come by for lunch before their cross-country drive, and I'm going to cook for them. That'll be fun. And then the evening will feature open mic at College Perk. I will be buying coffee.

Underwear is a state of mind.

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