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Corn Bird Palace. Of Stuff!

I had a good weekend. Yesterday elf_owl, wowbagger, and I went to the home of afterknowledge for an Assassins sleepover. We ate (formerly) frozen pizza, watched a classic episode of Northern Exposure, giggled about pretty boys, and played Sims2. We created the oddly named "Elephant Town", in which the only commercial lot is a place called the "Corn Bird Palace of Stuff". The inhabitants of Elephant Town include the four Assassins, an angry gothboy and his well-meaning but hopelessly clueless dad, a smarmy guy, a syrupy young woman and her depressed single-mom sister, and a businessy couple with a "socially aware" teenaged daughter. Gothboy and Social Awareness Girl are destined for love in the future. It's necessary.

Today was french toast, playwrites at Perk, two guys in a closet, the Fuzzbucket, Yahtzee, plastic pyramids, and no hiking. I really enjoyed today, but am not feeling like being more specific. Laziness is taking hold.

But, because it really just involves cutting and pasting, I will include the following for anyone who's interested:

Back story for each of the Assasins:

The third of five children in the McGee family, Elbows is the daughter of a working-class single mother. Because her mother has to work all the time to support her family (and her drinking habit), the children are left to themselves much of the time, and Elbows spends her days and nights on the rough streets of the city. She joins up with a gang at an early age, where she learns to be tough and develops the never-surrender persona which later serves her so well. In due time, she enters the arena of organized crime, and quickly rises through the ranks to be the group's most successful (and feared) killer. Eventually, she realizes that she would be much more profitable on her own, and sets out to another city to build a reputation as a killer for hire.

An only child to an upper-middle-class couple, Raven (whose birth name is something terribly normal like Jane Wells or Karen Johnson) spends most of her childhood alone while her parents spend long hours at work or away on business trips. She spends her time reading and observing the world around her, rarely socializing with her classmates or her peers in the neighborhood. In university, she studies computer science or information systems or something like that, with a minor in chemistry. She is recruited by the government immediately after her graduation. She becomes a part of an elite foreign ops team, where she provides technical and communications support, and eventually becomes an undercover operative as well, learning stealth and undetectable ways to kill people. She perfects these skills and is soon among the best in the business. One day she decides that she is tired of the government rules and the government salary, and decides to disappear. She arranges for Jane (or Karen or whomever) to be killed in an unsuccessful mission. She hacks into the government computers and replaces all of her file photos with pictures of someone with her same general description (brown hair, brown eyes, 5'8" tall) but who looks only vaguely like her. She adopts the name "Raven" and starts a new illegal lifestyle.

The only daughter of a widower, Truth is beloved of her father, who owns a moderately successful demolition business by day and is a talented (but unlucky) safecracker by night. He teaches his daughter all of the tricks of both trades. When his business fails, he takes a desperate move in an attempt to steal enough to keep his small family's home. He is caught and sent to prison. Truth is forced to support herself using the skills that her father taught her, and she turns out to be much better at the life of crime than he ever was. While fulfilling a burglary contract in the Far East, she is introduced to the ways of martial arts, and stays for a few years to perfect these skills before returning to the United States, a newer, deadlier, Truth. It is probably in the East that she first meets and befriends Dare.

Dare's parents were inventors, and so little Dare grew up witnessing their trials and tribulations and inventions. When, at age eleven, she comes home to find them both murdered, she decides to devote her life to revenge. (The machete was her mother's - she went on safari before Dare was born.) Left to fend for herself, she pretends to be the child of a regular to a nearby gym, where she trains at fighting. Eventually she is discovered and sent packing; and then other things happen, like meeting Truth.

I wrote the first three of these while in New Zealand, leaving the last to Erica. I mention this only as explanation for Raven's being so much the longest. Naturally, I know my own character a little better than the others.

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