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it proves you exist, and so therefore you don't

The interview? It went smoothly. I am absolutely, totally, super qualified. The commute would be unbelievable and their response to my preferred salary range was "no problem". (Which makes me wish I'd asked for more.) They have another person to interview, and they'll be making a decision by Wednesday.

Still don't know, of course, if I actually want to take the job if it's offered. We'll just have to wait and see how desperate I'm feeling on Wednesday.

There's a leak in the next-door neighbor's yard, and he had the plumber out today to check it out. For some reason, while marking off pipe locations in the area lawns, the plumber completely disconnected the cable internet . . . cable . . . from the side of our house. It's not like he could have accidentally knocked it loose, as it has to be screwed in (or out) about 10 times around. So the question is . . . why? We just don't know. But we reconnected it, because, hey- we like the internet.

Music at Perk tonight. Should be fun.

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