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needs more salt (in this case, "salt" is code for "Houdini")

I just returned from an evening (practically a full day, actually) with Rohini. The afternoon was spent at the mall with Laura. The evening was spent at a Rockville Community Theatre production of Ragtime. There were some strong performers in the show, including one of Ro's cousins, and I quite enjoyed it. My biggest complaint was this- not enough Houdini! He was chosen rather arbitrarily as my favorite character (despite really being a fairly minor role) during the first song, for these reasons:
1) Hey, it's Houdini!
2) And he's hanging off a balcony instead of standing on stage with the rest of the cast!
3) And he's rather cute!
Later, it was revealed that he also had an impressive singing voice, so he won. At intermission, I learned that Rohini was sharing my thoughts pretty much exactly, so that was fun, as we got to be dorks together. In the lobby after the show, I should have gone to talk to Houdini while Ro was talking to her cousin. But I didn't. And that's the end of my Houdini-talk.

After the show, we went over to Perk to spend some time with the sister. We had peanut butter cookies, milk, and hot cider.

Now I am home, and tired, and on my way to bed. Good night.

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