Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

We'll take a kneecap each, and Erica can do the buttfork thing.

Strange things are afoot in the neighborhood today. As a matter of fact, just on this block. At the corner (where the twins for whom I babysat used to live), there is construction equipment and workers and where there once was a driveway there is now only dirt. And Mr. McLauraandDarrell'sFather is either moving out or giving away everything that he owns. I'm assuming the first, and this is surprising because I hadn't heard anything about the house going on the market. So we've got construction equipment and two moving trucks, and just now as I was returning from the library, there was a garbage truck parked next to one of the other trucks, completely blocking the street. So I parked my car on the next block and walked home from there.

Last night was an impromptu Assassins night out. When I went to fetch Laura from her parents' house, we were intending merely to go for coffee. But when I realized that the only coffee house I knew in the area was directly beneath Erica's place of residence, and five minutes' drive from Ro's house . . . well, everything just fell together. Laura and I had some hot caramel cider and looked at photos at Perk while we waited for the other two to finish with work so that we could absorb them into our plan. We went to Eggspectation in Silver Spring, where we had lots of lovely food featuring eggs. We explored Borders, and managed to make it out safely without purchasing any books (a mighty feat!) And we sat around Erica's room and scared Tim. Or maybe we just confused him. All in all, a successful evening.

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