Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

a six-foot inflatable pterodactyl with a slow leak

I am going to see Laura this afternoon!

In searching for a pack of photos from Tucson that I want to show her, I first came across an example of What Happens When You Never Throw Anything Away. In this particular instance, when looking through a box in my room, I found a packet of newspaper clippings from The Retriever Weekly, encompassing much of my and Rohini's reign as Those Weird Girls Who Send In Incomprehensible Entries To [insert name here].

Sample excerpt:
a) Rock and Roll will never die. If you are immortal, you will never die. The Highlander is immortal. The Highlander is from Scotland. Bagpipe music is from Scotland. Therefore, Rock and Roll is Bagpipe music.
b) Rock beats scissors. Rock is Rock and Roll. [insert above entry here] Therefore, Bagpipe Music beats scissors.

Odd, we were. Odd indeed. Someone probably worried about our sanity on a weekly basis.

I did find the desired photos, though, so I am now able to visit it up.

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