Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Neither a borrower nor a lender . . . oops!

When recapping my Halloween (Eve), I forgot to mention that I got to swoop to the rescue of a superhero! Clark Kent (more often known as the Tim) was unable to find the appropriate Superman t-shirt at the last minute. This sounded to me like a job for Indiana Joanna. So, theme song blaring, hat on head, whip at the ready, I . . . ok, not really. I had Tim buy some felt and some glue and a blue t-shirt. I made a Superman insignia from the felt and stitched it to the shirt. And I think it turned out very well. As a reward for my troubles, I received a box of Samoas all of my very own. A task that I enjoy that ends in Girl Scout cookies? Now that is A-OK with me.

I also designed the Former-Assassin-and-New-Anthropomorphic-Personification-of-War costume that was worn by the sister, and lent a pair of horns to Ro, so I was feeling very useful. Go me. I rock.

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