Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

"Oklahoma!", starring Hastur, Duke of Hell, as Curly!

I love Laura and miss her greatly. I really want to see her. But I don't want her to have to come home. Love you, Laura.

Aside from a not-terribly-long talk with the Laura, today was mostly uneventful- a two-minute conversation with Ro in which it was revealed that I was unable to accompany her to the mall, a trip to Safeway to buy milk (and some pierogies), the delivery of Girl Scout cookies and later of Indian food, and an out-for-dessert to Macaroni Grill with the sister. This last was actually the only bit of the list that counts as "eventful". It was, naturally, quite fun, not least because of the silly sister things that we talk about that would make sense to no one else in the world. Probably, though, some of you would understand the joy that comes from the concept of Hell Musicals. These are normal musicals, but rewritten to star the dark denizens of the underworld. "Seven Brides for Seven Hellbeasts", "The Sound of Music" featuring the Von Trappe Family Demons, Mephistopheles is Jean ValJean- sentenced to 5 years hard labor for devouring the souls of the innocent, 14 for trying to escape. You get the idea.

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