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it's no "doggy game"

Take the "H" from "chess", the "O" from "Joanna", a "T" from "Brett", the "E" from "Jenga" and the "P" from "Perk", and you get the brand-new strategy game called "Ho-tep". It was invented today, and already four people (including the creators) know how to play it. And all you need is a chess board, a full complement of chess pieces, a bunch of other pieces from unrelated games, and a half hour or so to listen to the rules. Already three games have been played (although one was a sort of Proto-Ho-Tep, and the rules were changed afterwards). I won the first game under the official rules! While creating this game, many people stopped to stare in wonder and confusion at the seeming chaos on our board. But it all made sense.

Yeah, I went to open mic at Perk tonight. It was fun.

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