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big people have little humor, and little people have no humor at all

Saturday was a good day. Renaissance Festival day, and amazingly also the only nice weather day in the week. Denise and Jake, sadly, were unable to come, but Erica and Ro and I soldiered on and managed to have us a right good time. We started out with breakfast at Bob Evans, where the sister and I indulged in a "Sunshine Skillet" each- this, for the uninitiated, is a pile of eggs, sausage, home fries, white gravy, and cheese. With biscuits or toast or muffin on the side. Rohini, perhaps wisely, opted for oatmeal and fruit.

After food, we hopped back in my car (sufficiently heavier and possibly over-caffienated) and I drove us to Crownsville. The Festival was fun and quite crowded, as it was closing weekend. I was unable to buy anything (well, aside from food- gotta get a bread bowl, after all), but this somehow made the browsing around shops all the more satisfying. If everything is equally unattainable, you're not limited in what you can explore. Ro and Erica, however, did each spend some money, and I had fun serving as purchasing advisor, or something of the sort. We didn't really get to see too many of the shows, but what we did see were fun. Well, mostly. During the human chess game, the sun was directly in our eyes and the actors were too far away for us to hear them. Oh! And! While we were admiring sharp things, we met up with Stacey! That we knew freshman year! It was exciting to see her again. We were introduced to her boyfriend, whose name is either Ross or Russ, I think. And Ro got her contact info, so maybe we'll be seeing her again.

Upon leaving the Festival, we stopped at the Sputnik Cafe, a place not far from the fairgrounds that has been a cause of much speculation since its existence was first noticed by us some years ago. We went there in search of dessert, and what we found was a much classier place than we expected, with truly lovely pumpkin cheesecake and flourless chocolate cake. The Sisters Smith had coffee, while our companion instead had a coffee-flavored beverage of a somewhat stronger nature. The whole Sputnik experiment was, I would say, a smashing success.

We returned home to find that the parents had found a way to have butter chicken and lamb korma delivered to our door. This is an exciting discovery, and one of which I will be making good use in the future. Erica called up the Tim and while we waited for him, I played a game in which I rooted through my closet and pulled out possible Halloween costumes (all, oddly, blue) and anything else that might be amusing- my tiny First Communion dress, a number of formal dresses from high school, Catholic school and Girl Scout uniforms. I tried on my senior prom dress over my clothes. Tim showed up at the end of this game, as I was considering ways to make my old flight attendant uniform into a more attractive costume. We all trooped downstairs to watch The Reduced Shakespeare Company's The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged (on DVD). This was, as always, greatly amusing.

"I've got an idea that's totally boatless!"

Sunday, in contrast, was highly dull. We're talking dull to the point of me reorganizing the "My Music" and "My Pictures" folders on my computer simply for the sake of having something to do. I also went to the grocery store, played some Final Fantasy (X-2), and watched some of Erica's Angel episodes. Whee.

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