Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


Did I lend my copy of Coraline to someone before I left the country? It doesn't appear to be in my house. I know who has most of my Harry Potter and American Gods and probably Brave New World, but I'm not sure who would have this one. Anyone?

Today's mission is a deceptively simple one- interview/work shoes. So I'm thinking black and sensible slip-ons with a low heel. The thing is, it seems I've forgotten how to shop. I went out with my mother last night to look at clothes and it did nothing for me. I got one top that I can wear with my suit to look respectable for interviews, but past that I was completely uninspired. Is it too much to ask that an attractive and well-fitting wardrobe simply appear free-of-charge in my closet? . . . oh, yeah, I guess it would be.

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