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I was up for 19 hours yesterday. I was working for most of that time. It was a long day, consisting of four flights, as well as passengers who were inconvenienced and irritable. And demanding. Ah well, it's not as if I have been working very often. But considering that my original schedule for yesterday was for two flights and the four that i actually ended up working were much-delayed, I think I'm allowed to gripe a bit. But just a bit. I'm done now.

I really need to clean my room. Ye gods.

I am not going to fill out the "current" survey. At least, I don't think I am. Not right now, anyway.

I was supposed to go out on Friday night, but decided not to, due to the long work day that I had on Saturday. It's a good thing I didn't go, as it turns out, because it means I got enough sleep to get me through the day, but I still wish I could have gone.

We bought tacos in the airport in Cancun yesterday and heated them up in the oven after we'd been in the air for over an hour. They made a significant portion of the plane smell really good, and we got to eat them all. The passengers just got sandwiches and potato chips. Ha ha! (Maybe it seems like a silly thing to gloat about, but they were really good tacos.)

I'm having serious troubles typing right now, for some reason, so I think I'd better stop this bef0rre I bcom comm[plety incomoprehensivle.

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