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There's No Apocalypse Now

My Aunt Lois and cousin Julia stayed with us for the past two nights, because they came up from North Carolina for my Welcome Home party. My Grandparents also came, and are staying here for one more night, which is great, but does not really have a bearing on my point here. My point is this- Julia is turning 18 . . . this week? I think so. And in my mind she's still 11 years old, maybe 13 tops. I can't for the life of me figure out why. I've seen her on a more regular basis than any of my other cousins for the past several years, what with us being the east coast crew, and all. Not that this is terribly frequently, but still. I have experienced her ascent into adulthood to some extent. So this particular mental block is baffling. I can't even blame the year in New Zealand, because, well, that's only a year. That would only explain it if I believed her to be turning 17.

Anyway, Julia took part in a summer "Young Filmmakers" program where she got to write and direct her own short film, and we got to watch it this morning. And it was great! Really funny and clever and it made its point quite effectively in the short 5 minutes that it was allowed. It's so cool to be a part of a family with such creative (and oftentimes unusual) characters.

Also, it seems that Erica and I are not the only ones in the clan who write things about the Apocalyse- only we're actually behind in this game, as we don't expect our projects to ever truly exist elsewhere than in our minds. Alas.

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