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There's a hamster in my room!

Granted, there was a hamster in my room when I left the country a year ago, but this is a different hamster. I understand that my sister had a name-the-hamster contest a little while ago, and so I apologize to all who thought that they had a chance to influence the naming of a tiny mammal, because his name is Pi. I couldn't help it, it just happened that way.

And Pi is so cute. We're talking seriously adorable here.

Today I am cleaning my room . . . OK, this is not true in the strictest sense, because any real room-cleaning endeavor for this space would have to involve at least a week of hard labor. What I'm doing today is trying to make the room livable. As in, acceptable to be seen by my grandparents, who arrive tomorrow. This is, in itself, hard enough, as the room had not been touched in the year I was gone. I think there's more dust in here than books. And there are a lot of books. Plus, the sheer amount of stuff that I have makes it difficult to get to the flat surfaces to do any dusting. I've been working all day (with a brief "break" after lunch to clean the bathroom), and have yet to touch anything with a dust cloth. It's all organization so far, along with a not-yet-sufficient amount of Throwing Things Away. Urg.

Not. Fun.

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