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The End Is Near

Tomorrow night I leave New Zealand. Unbe-frickin-lievable. My last week here has been good. Arrived in Auckland from Brisbane- tired and hungry. Checked into my hostel, met up (by design) with my Irish friend Jon, and had a good night hanging out with the other people staying in the suite. The next day Jon and I hopped a ferry to Waiheke Island, just a half hour from Auckland. We spent two nights there, walking and sitting on the beaches and eating (fish and) chips and playing cards. Relaxing, pleasant.

After Waiheke, I set off north to Paihia in the Bay of Islands. It rained three of the four days I was there- but the fine day was the one in which I had arranged for my daylong bus tour to Cape Reinga at the top of the island, so that worked out perfectly. I went "sandboarding", which means that I climbed to the top of a huge sand dune, and slid down face first on a boogie board. It was scary and fast and I got sand everywhere/ We're talkin' sand in the ears here, people. And my tour guide looked like Stephen Fry.

But now I'm back in Auckland. Jon's here again, and leaving about the same time as I am tomorrow, so at least I've got someone to hang out with. This morning I shall shop for souvenirs. This afternoon I shall figure out how to fit all of my stuff into my bags. Tomorrow I shall . . . find some way to fill the time until I have to be at the airport.

I'm actually leaving. I can't believe it.

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