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Kick It, Funky Snowman!

I used to have a poem memorized. It was about a funky snowman and his dancing and his pants, or lack thereof. But then I forgot this monumental poem. Thank god for the boundless triviality of the internet.

Funky Snowman loves to dance.
You'd think he wouldn't have much chance
Without two legs
Or even pants.
Does that stop Funky Snowman?
Turn up the music with the disco beat.
When you're in the groove, you don't need feet.
Crowds come out and fill the street.
Kick it, Funky Snowman!

(from Polka-Bats and Octopus Slacks by Calef Brown)


I arrived in Brisbane not too long ago, and am just wasting time at an internet cafe until I can check into my hostel. I think it's probably been long enough now.

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