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"Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike . . . "

Well, as you can probably guess, my internet connection is still working, although now that I've mentioned it on here, it will most likely be shut down in like three minutes. Bah. Humbug!

I watched the Simon & Garfunkle Concert in Central Park last night. It was on PBS (WETA, I think). It made me very happy. So now I am listening to all of the Simon & Garfunkle songs that my parents have on CD. They have many. In that they have a three-CD set entitled "Simon & Garfunkle: Collected Works".

My bathroom is now green. I am going to go remove blue tape from the ceiling and the tile and the cabinet pretty soon. Woo!

The pinky finger on my left hand is a funky color. It also hurts when I put pressure on it, or move it too suddenly. It got kneeled on. Ouch.

Saw Denise and Jake and Sarah and Dave and Phil and Laura (and Kevin and Tony and . . . Marissa?) on Friday night. That was fun. I still have not given Sarah her birthday present. It is very very very late. But that's OK, because my birthday was before hers, and she hasn't given me mine yet. So we're mutually late.

"Can you imagine us, years from today, sharing a park bench silently? How terribly strange to be seventy."

This is one of my favorite songs.

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