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P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way

Today I . . .

Walked across the Harbour Bridge (and back).

Explored an awesome market and had try very hard to resist buying loads of wonderful things.

Did buy one thing at the market. Erica, your birthday present is from Australia.

Saw a free live Didjeridoo show.

Went to the Sydney Aquarium, where I saw . . .


And a crocodile!

And a monstrous crab!

And seals!

And Marlin, Dory, Gil, Bubbles, Pearl, that stripy fish whose name I've forgotton who thought she had a twin sister, Mr. Ray, and Crush! Dude.

So, I've had a good and busy day, even though some people (who shall remain nameless) weren't able to hang out with me because of . . . an emergency concert? Something like that. Hee hee. These things happen.

Tomorrow, Blue Mountains!

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