Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

I'll be home for . . . Halloween?

I'm in Christchurch. Have been for a few days now. Not doing much, just existing, essentially. Trying to avoid spending money until I fly to Sydney on Thursday. Luckily, the hostel where I've settled myself has a truly massive video collection, so I'm doing OK.

It's odd to think that I'll be home in slightly over a month. And really, I think I'm about ready to go. I love New Zealand, seriously, and I'm going to be extremely sad to leave it behind. Just knowing that I'm leaving the South Island for good later this week brings me down. And of course I'm looking forward to Australia. And then the north of the North Island in the last week before my homecoming (homegoing?). But at the moment, I'm not doing anything- staying put and trying not to spend money and having already done all of the free things that interest me and are within walking distance. I'll be glad to be home, particularly to see all of the people that I've been missing. It'll be nice to have relationships again that are a bit more established than the one with "the german guy who has twice beat me at chess". Sure, I've made lots of friends while I've been here. And this is way cool, to be particularly eloquent about it, but because they are all new friendships, they of course can't yet be lasting friendships.

Point is, home=good. And I'll be there soon. Inasmuch as a month and 4 days is soon.

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