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. . . after all

Today's entry was supposed to consist entirely of the sentence

"Last night I went ten pin bowling with two Kiwi guys named Wayne."

Now, however, it has to be a bit longer.

You see, this morning I was standing outside the hostel in the little town of Oamaru, waiting for the bus to pick me up to take me to Christchurch. A group of people who had also stayed at the hostel were packing up their van in preparation to leave. One of them noticed that I was wearing a UMBC sweatshirt. (Yes, I wear a UMBC sweatshirt. It's big and comfy.) Do I go to UMBC? I did! She lived in Greenbelt, but just moved to Baltimore. I bet she went to Roosevelt. Yup! This guy goes to UMBC! Hi! When did I graduate? Are you originally from Baltimore? . . . to high school? So do you know . . . ? Grew up with . . . Graduated with . . . You're kidding.

Anyway, Erica, Matt McGloin says Hi.

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